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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bam Margera Should Be Killed

He's asking for it, I really think he is.

When "browsing" the programmes on television, I sometimes end up on MTV, a channel I hate heartily. There are mainly three reasons why I hate it: the obscene amount of commercials, more bad music than good music, and the growing number of filthy and sick programmes. First, there was Jackass, that was dumb but that was fun, probably because nothing like that had been done before and all these silly pain-loving guys had some sort of charisma that you could almost call the charisma of first-timer performers.

Some things were not fun though, some were plain stupid and disgusting, and the more the show went on, the more they decided to go in that direction, probably because they were lacking new "fun" ideas. So they choose to explore more and more disturbing and filthy concepts. Basically there is a limit between harmless silly fun and something more gross which goes beyond the basic rules of human decency and morals. Jackass walked the line between them for a while and then decided to jump into the dirt, so did MTV.

After the success of Jackass and the team splitted, they needed something more extreme, because that's how MTV and our decadent world works (especially in USA it seems), it always has to be more, to go beyond the first experience to be sure people will not get tired and still buy it or watch it. The Simpsons for instance, which was a good show in its first seasons, has turned into something pathetic for a few years now, because the makers strive to make the jokes even bigger, even more fun and ended up with a cartoon which has become so insanely incoherent that it's not fun anymore, just pathetic.

Because of The Osbourne, MTV bought other "famous" people's reality shows (boring crap like Newlyweds, where we can just see how dumb the girl is) and because of Jackass, MTV created more trash. One of these programmes is Dirty Sanchez, I must have watched 2 minutes of it, I didn't need more to realize I did not want to watch it. All I remember is people sticking pipes in their ass, throwing up and drinking what they collected or something like that. Real scatology on TV, this is the point we have reached. When you see or hear about it, you know for sure there's no God as described in the Bible, unless he's dead as some philosophers suggest (Nietzche ?), because it took him less offense before he decides to put an end at Sodom and Gomorrah.

Despite that example, I'm not a religious person, but with or without religion, I believe there are limits that should not be crossed, rules that should never be broken, the basics of human dignity and intelligence. I know some people lack completely these values, yet they should not be allow to ruin them anyway. I don't like the concept of God like it is depicted in Bible and some other religions, but I wouldn't mind a god who would wipe out from the surface of the earth a bit of that filth and the persons who produce it along with it. Anyway, I am perhaps even more appalled at Bam Margera's programme than I was at those 2 minutes of scatology dementia.

If we were living in another time, I don't think he would be making fun and hurting his family, and making money with it like he does, I think he would be whether in jail or dead after a short criminal carreer. That's all what he is, a small-time criminal, who has the chance to live at a time when he can become rich, famous and also loved by hurting people around him and not showing any respect to them. He is nothing but a little piece of shit, and I'm worried for people who might deem him anything more.

We have reached that point when individuals are excused to do the most disgusting and disrespectful things on behalf of the freedom of expression and the power of television. What these people do, if they were doing it without the support of the television, they would be (rightfully) arrested for it. In his show, Bam Margera basically humiliates his family. He's been humiliating and harrassing his parents since Jackass, now he continues with them and the rest of his family. Yesterday I watched that episode where they have this family gathering and they make all sort of ridiculous things; his grandmother was there too and the poor woman is appalled at what's happening, calling her own family crazy.

There is something so revulsing in the way Bam Margera treats his family, perhaps it works as a therapy for him, perhaps otherwise he would kill them (when in fact, what he really needs, is to kill himself), but you cannot help wishing someone would beat the crap out of this little giggling jerk. The attitude of the family is actually revulsing too and that's perhaps the only reason why this show is still tolerable, because they are humiliated, treated like trash, but accept it. I don't know for which reason they accept this (for money I hope, not for the love of their son !), I just know it makes feel a bit less sorry for them. The way he treats his family is so offending, and yet it is shown on a channel watched by adolescents and young adults who for most of them still live with their parents. It's scary to think what he's showing them, the way he allows himself to hurt his parents, it's also scary to think what will be of the children of people like Bam Margera. If they receive his influence, if they get as bad as him, the worst is bound to happen. Hopefully, this might have the reverse effect on the next generation, which will reject the influence of such parents.

Another time in the show also, the first time actually I watched it I think, he was breaking glasses in his own house just to bother his girlfriend, who looked very tired and sick of him. He really brings hell to people. I don't seriously wish him to die (the title and first line of this entry was meant to be provocative and catchy), I don't wish him to be killed - although, in his behaviour, I think he does everything to encourage people to reach such heights of hatred in their mind - but I wish he pays for what he's been doing, I wish his popularity ends just as abruptly as it started. I wish him to know real misery and pain, and that all the one he inflicted to others, he receives it in return. Here's a new idea for his show, before he or MTV runs out of ideas and tries something even more gross: make one episode where anyone who knows him can do anything to him they want and can be shown on TV.


At 9:50 PM, Blogger jackassFAN said...


At 9:53 PM, Blogger gnarkiller said...

fuck you fuck your life you little fuck. Bam Margera is god and you, you are a douch you peice of dog shit. Jackass is one of the greatest tv shows of all time you fuck. Fuckidy Fuck fuck fuck fuck, FUCK YOU

At 5:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ure a fucking idiot...ive never heard soo much shit in one paragraph of text...go to hell u lonely piece of shit old timer

At 5:16 PM, Blogger GazDaSaint said...

Dont u get it...he may beat the crap n aw that out of his family and he may "humilate" them or w/e but still he does care about his family and half the showers he does show that. He is just doin stuff on show that would make teens and all that laugh. Jackass is a brilliant show which may be sick at times i agree but still thats the funny thing about it. And Bam Margera shouldnt die so stfu

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you to some extent. And to jackassfan, he didn't fucking mean that Jackass was bad. And Bam Margera's family puts up with his behavior because they are ready for it, and they also make a shitload of money.

At 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

u fucking bastard piece of shit go 2 fuckin hell!!!! bam margera does shit like that 4 our amusment u dumb ass!!! i know y u wrote that cuz ur so jealous of him cuz ur jst a tiny piece of shit compared 2 him!!! do us all a favor & go fucking kill urself & BURN IN FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 2:01 PM, Anonymous jakewalker said...

I am a fan of the show, but I deffinantly understand where you are coming from. He does act like such a prick on the show. I doubt he is like that ALL the time. And all of these other comments really are from 14 year olds who think he is the best skate boarder and shit. The only reason he is at pro status is because of the indoursments. The reason behind the endoursments is because of his shows. He isnt bad, just saying.

At 7:41 PM, Blogger Ashleigh said...

I totally agree! He is such a douche bag, queer bait. I wouldn't touch his ugly ass with a 10 foot pole. He thinks he's so tight acting like such a prick all of the time, I can't wait for him to get his ass beat and see his face bloodied to a pulp on TMZ.

At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully this gets read, as it should.

Okay, first things first, I don't know how old this blog is, I don't really care as it is obviously still affecting some people now, my self included.
I have hardly anything to do with you or what you wrote, but, I happened to be browsing something on Bam Margera himself, when the title 'Bam Margera Should Be Killed' showed up.
It was at least third on the google listing and it offended me highly, though I still took the time to read your blog and consider your views.
So, I'm posting a reply.

I am against what you said, but I'm not immature enough to shout profanities at you or anything of the like, because a half part of it was true.
What I must say is that, however knowledgeable you sound, you are clearly lacking knowledge for Bam himself here. No offense meant.

You can despise MTV, Jackass, Bam and the simpsons etc, for all the world. You can secretly wish that something was said the following day on the news about Bam or Knoxville in hospital with some serious injury, no one is going to stop you.
I know this is a blog of personal opinion - which is totally fine...But I just have to point out that having a title such as "Bam Margera Should Be Killed" is extremely irrational and immature of you, even though you state you don't literally wish it was so, and it's just to catch peoples attention etc.
Obviously it has attracted the wrong kind of attention with all the swearing and so on.
Perhaps a more lightly offending title may have been appropriate here, but it's not my blog.

As much as you despise him or think of him as an idiot who deserves to get his face knocked in, may I remind you myself that it is MTV's demand of his lunatic behaviour that boosts his 'prick like attitude' for the T.V show..?
The high demand on creating something new and exciting for an actor or a show star, is incredibly taxing on a person, even when it looks as though nothing could affect them - such as Bam.
And when he and others are told by the media to create something mildly shocking in either a disgusting way, or a stunt/prank way, of course it's just going to get worse.
If they tell him he needs to increase and continue to create more shocking plots, it can only get more worse then the last to keep people interested.

As for not caring for his family, well, everyone knows that half the things he does is discussed and plotted [at least a little] before put into action, so they are expecting the worst before he acts foolishly. Some things, such as chucking the glasses on the floor for his girlfriend to pick up, are irritating to the point you wish she'd slapped him, but you can see quite clearly he is 'acting it up' for the camera crew of the MTV cribs show [If this is the same one you are referring to, I'm pretty sure it is].
Not that he wouldn't do it off screen, but I'm fairly certain he wouldn't behave like this every single day.

Also, [I'm] referring to the episode in season 5 [I believe] how he sets his mother up to meet Billy Idol and all the other surprises he gives her etc what kind of heartless prick would do that? If I had my son [which I don't have one] introduce me to my favourite musician or rock star, I'd be over the moon.
He also has taken in his close friend Brandon Novak, after a bad history and background. I'm pretty sure that's an expression of compassion, excluding the things he subjects Novak to - for the T.V show...

At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whether or not his actions are idiotic or completely degrading to some of the people subjected to them, he is an entertainer.
He entertains a lot of people, whether it's a young fool of a teen, or a thirty year old mother who takes time out from rearing her kids to laugh at what said imbecile is doing - and there are such older aged fans.

Stating that someone who you don't know personally, and can only judge from the MTV media, to kill them self [even though you later stated that you didn't really wish that] is...Well, just as pathetic as what you're making the actors of said shows to be.
And whether or not it is your personal blog and you can infact say whatever you like, it is still pathetic.

No offense to you whether you take it as offense or not, but at least Bam, the Jackass crew and others of the like are out there doing what they want to do, no matter how stuffed up it may be, instead of sitting around having nothing better to do then complain about something they don't like on an internet blog. Though Bam sure as hell has complained before.
Whether you'd rather be where you are and not living like them [excluding the income they get and fame etc], well that's all your choice too.

Though, not only did you insult said actors of said shows, but you have insulted the fans that follow them too.
I wouldn't be surprised if you had someone close to you who was addicted to those boys' silly ways, and you just crushed one of their life long loves - not to mention self esteem for liking the show.
If you don't have any one who fits that profile, it still counts for all the other fans out there.

The last statement I must say is, if you don't like what MTV has to offer, or if you don't like some shows on there, just don't watch them. Simple as that.
Some people happen to like them and the world isn't going to change for you, after all, not one persons point of view is correct in every aspect.

So honestly, shame on you for what you have wrote, other then personal opinion and interest, and when it comes to wishing people ill fate, I hope you take them into actual consideration next time.
Not to mention, Bam was, and is still someones child, April's child to be exact, and I'm sure if she, being a mother, read this blog saying such things about her son, whom she still can look past all the devilish acts and see the little boy whom she once nursed, she would feel so offended.

That's really all I can say on the matter...Hope it's made some sense.
Oh, and just to be clear, I would have still posted this blog regardless of whether or not I liked the Bam shows or MTV etc.
And I'm not someone who sits around and tries to prove people wrong on the internet, I just couldn't believe that your blog was received when I was merely searching for a small piece of information on Bam and his show.

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