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Friday, October 14, 2005

May the Avian Flu Kill Us All

This is not just a catchy title, this is a sincere wish and prayer. The humanity deserves to disappear from the surface of the earth, it is nothing but a plague, a plague which took shape as a species instead of a virus and is destroying other life forms mercilessly. Not even viruses kill in such an extent, there are always survivors, but look at what people are doing because of the bird flu.

They don't even say they kill birds anymore, they just say they are destroying them. There's no more difference between killing animals or burning compromising papers, you just destroy something which might be dangerous for you - except the birds move, that's it. Those weak coward fuckers are so scared of what the bird flu might do to them, just to a few of them at the moment, that slaughtering all these animals has become a menial task comparable to throwing trash away.

And all they cry about once it's done is that they are losing money, that it hurts their business ! Sick, disgusting, so immensely selfish, humanity. Little and miserable humanity which holds itself in such high esteem, which always thinks itself as mighty, beautiful and wise; how weak and so deeply revulsing you really are. Every single bird is a life form as valuable as any human being. Like any of us it was born, like any of us it has blood running in its veins, like any of us it can die and it can suffer. So why should it be treated as nothing more but an unpleasant object ?

If we apply the logic of killing what may threaten us, even a life form, the same logic that says the extermination of a minority (the weaks) for the sake of the majority (the strongs) prevails upon its survival, then we should kill all people who have aids, all people with any form of contagious disease because they are a threat to all of us like innocent harmless birds are too.

For the love of life, what are we doing ? Because we are scared to death of this epidemy and fear for our lives, we think we have a supreme right, a right superior to life itself, to exterminate any other living creatures ? Who the fuck do we think we are ? God ? Not only mankind is stupid enough to kill his own in the name of a supreme being who is supposed to represent rightfulness, but it also allows itself, when it deems appropriate to do so, to take his part and act with a supreme power it does not possess.

These images on TV are abominable. Birds are caught carelessly, thrown into bags and burned or gased alive. They are not so different from images of concentration camps. It's cruel, sick mass murders too, but humanity is so feeble that it fails to recognize life elsewhere than in its own image. It's not by killing all birds anyway that they will make a difference, if the virus has to mutate, it will mutate, if it has to reach us, it will reach us one way or another and millions will die.

Millions have died before, billions probably have died from diseases and plagues since the world was born. Now, the world has never been so populated, so unfairly balanced and sick at heart, so why should it matter after all ? When we see what we are doing to other life forms and all the things this rotten mankind has been doing, I couldn't care less if it disappeared forever, if the world is left to the rule of animal kind. All the great things we have done, arts, architecture, civilization, industralisation, is just a reflection of our own vanity. Civilization like a fortress of hell rose upon mountains of corpses and rivers of blood, we are a gruesome kind, if we are exterminated, no one would morn us but ourselves if we could witness our own disappearance. We only matter and care for ourselves.

What should be done then ? Nothing, except, understanding and respecting; this disease hasn't just come out from nowhere: like the mad cow disease, it came from breeding. Birds which are breeded in awful condition and are then just killed to feed our insatiable stomach. Are we in contact with birds otherwise ? Most likely no. Then, the solution is awfully simple: do not eat birds anymore, do not breed them anymore, release them, free them, let them live in peace as they should, in their natural environment, the place where they should die too. We have no right on their lives and yet we think we have all the rights to kill them and eat them much more than we really need. Humans hardly need any meat to eat, I have a tough physical job and yet I hardly eat any meat at all (one meal of meat a month at best) but I'm fine, thin and healthy. On the other hand, you have the people who eat meat regularly, they are fat and insatiable. Too bad there's not a race of giant predators to eat them because I see no point in them being so fat if not to feed another element in the food chain.

Anyway, there would be nothing more simple and fair than freeing the birds instead of slaying them by millions, and nature eventully would prevail and set things back the way they should be, as it always does. In other words, the epidemy has more chances to grow out of proportion because of men's actions than otherwise, because all their actions provoke reactions in the chain of events, like the pollution has various consequences on our environment and then our health, or like industrial and cruel breeding has all kind of dreadful consequences, including the creation of new deadly viruses. It's a vicious circle, we created it and now all we do is ensure it keeps turning.


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