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Friday, December 30, 2005

Beauty in Sex, Shame, and a Root of Evil

They generally tell you sex is beautiful, that there is nothing to be ashamed of (although mentalities can change from a country, a culture to another), that love between a man and a woman is an act of beauty. But is that really so ? Can it really be something so pure when the parts of our body involved in making love are the ones we use for urinating, defecating and vomiting ? It is a strange thing that all the excitable parts of our body are also related to the evacuation of corporal waste.

Dirt and beauty interconnected ? Definitely not. But why is it like this ? Does it help to nourish the feeling of shame, and hence prevent us from abusing pleasure which is probably "intended" as a stimulous for reproduction rather than a motivation ? It is at least easy to understand how Christian religion could manipulate people's mind and use this inherent feeling of shame, mankind's most unique trait compared to animals, even more than love, for their own designs.

They gave it their own rather poor and heavily right-minded explanation (the original sin) which is indeed a monument to the emotions and consequences of shame (temptation, betrayal, loss of purity, punishment, regrets...), making the act of love some obnoxious stolen treasure. Religion has always been very good at using these questions forever unanswered, deep inside each human being, and providing a simplistic tailor-made answer based on fear and hypocrisy, obeying a pattern and serving once again their own and sole ambitions.

At the risk of going even more off-topic, I must say this is one of the fascinating aspects about religion, Christian religion at least, I don't know the other ones so well, but I'm quite sure they must carry their fair share of hypocrisy too. Religions prentend to care about people while they only care about themselves; helping each other is secondary to worshipping the invisible, religion itself. Men are so skilled at destroying themselves, they've been doing it marvelously well for thousand years since they invented religion.

Most of the precepts religions are ordering its followers to abide by are often neglected or stampeded by religion itself, which displays some blood-spilling sharp examples of villainy. It despises and rejects what humans are in so many ways that it actually is quite much the antithesis of our condition. Instead of teaching us how to improve, religion teaches people not to be people anymore, to look for vices in minor flaws and self-questioning, and to sacrifice all to the futility of the unseen. Indisputably, religion stands as the enemy of the mankind and its evolution. People need principles and answers, but they do not need it from religion, they need to find them from within, from experience and with the help of each other.


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