Rotten Kind

Self-centered. Greedy. Filthy. Unimaginative. Mankind is the rotten kind.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mankind Lives Up To Its Reputation !

In a way, it's hilarious. In the past, I blogged about religion, Africa's tourments (Darfur and Mugabe), the Avian flu, sex. I also wrote about Bam Margera and the PSP. I kind of sensed which topic would get comments if one did, and there was no way to be mistaken: I have 4 angry comments in the Bam Margera post. The guys just registered to Blogger to be able to write their insults here, two of them also bothered to write a death threat and a vaguley antisemitic note in their quickly set-up blogs.

I'm less cynical and angry than I used to be when I started writing this blog, nonetheless my core views haven't changed much: mankind is still principally made up of furious imbeciles. Thanks guys for proving me right first-hand! Yes, I am amused.

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